Presentation of the new Architectural Guide of Saarland with opening mark by Jens Stahnke

Presentation of the new Architectural Guide of Saarland with opening mark by Jens Stahnke at Baubar Urbanlaboratorium (Uhlandstrase 18 d-66121 Saarbrücken).


Preisverleihung für den 2. Preis bei dem Realisierungswettbewerb "HTW Campus Alt-Saarbrücken | Neubau Lehre und Forschung "

Architectural competition for a new university building specialized into research and teaching at HTW

2. prize architectural competition for a new university building specialized into research and teaching at HTW

Architectural competition for a new university building specialized into research and teaching at HTW

FLOSUNDK architektur + urbanistik GmbH reached the 16th place in the category urban planning.


Interview by Flosundk for Hager / Out of the box

Link toward Interview

Residential building in Saarbrücken


Daycare Francesca Cabrini

FLOSUNDK is currently in the design phase of the daycare Francesca Cabrini.


Honorable mention on our competition entry for the Congresszentrum Saarbrücken

Honorable mention for our competition entry about the extension of the Congresszentrum Saarbrücken in collaboration with Valentiny hvp Architects und Lützow 7.


Publication - Rabbiner-Rülf-Place

Publication of the Rabiner-Rülf-Platzes in "Wettbewerbe Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Saarland - Errinerungsort Rabbiner-Rülf-Platz Saarbrücken mit der Skulpturengruppe "Der unterbrochene Wald"" written by Ariel Auslender, published at Krüger Druck + Verlag.


Visualisation on current residential building project.

Visualisation about one of our current residential building projects. The building is interacting with the surrounding topography by the use of split levels distributed over two floors. The large windows are directed toward the beautiful surrounding landscape.


Mario Krämer talks about "Ergosign II"

We are proud and happy receiving this years architecture prize "Orte der Arbeit". Get more informations about Ergosign II and the price in the linked video.

Architecture Price 2021

Architecture prize for office buildings "Orte der Arbeit"

FLOSUNDK is getting the acclaimed architecture price for office buildings "Orte der Arbeit"

Concept Rhenania

Our sustainable concept idea to strenghten the Rhenenia building and the surrounding Osthafen area.


To build or not to build?


Tag der Architektur 2021

visitors center abbey Tholey

Competitionline prämiert FLOSUNDK zum 25 besten Architekturbüro unter mehr als 32.000 in Deutschland.

Competitionline awards FLOSUNDK the 25nd best architecture firm among more than 32-000 in Germany


Baustelle Wohnhaus Siebenbürger Weg



2020 was a challenging year for everyone. Our office has proven itself during this difficult phase and starts 2021 full of confidence and motivation.

FLOSUNDK is looking forward to implementing many exciting projects. Each one of these projects is designed to create space for people to feel free. Free to learn, free to work and free to live.

Our plan includes:

_two buildings for childcare

_community buildings and the redesign of the public square in Bexbach, Saarland

_the further development of a headquarters for sustainable technologies.

_exclusive private residential projects

We wish everyone a successful start into the new year !


Christmas card 2020

FLOSUNDK wishes you a merry christmas and happy holidays. In the spirit of the brasilian architect Oscar Niemeyer we have a particular wish for 2021: a shared ability to draw strength from the never ending power of dreams.

your executive directors Jens UKFW Stahnke & Mario Krämer



opening of the Tholey abbey visitors center

visitors center abbey Tholey

Acquisition for the community school in Neunkirchen city center


4rd place in Riegelsberg

Daycare center in Gisors quarter

"before and after" effect


first snow

house M ready to move in


Ergosign II in magazine Architecture Européenne


Architekturführer 2020


Fertigstellung/Einzug Wohnhaus Saarlouis


Holzbau steht


3rd place in Twistringen

Secondary school extension in Twisteringen

4. Preis in Gundelfingen

Children's house Gundelfingen

Bodenplatte steht


Tag der Architektur 2019


DAM Preis 2020


Saarland Architectural Guide

After more than 20 years: a new architectural guide for the Saarland

and Flosundk is featured with 3 projects:

KITA Christkönig (Christkönig Daycare)
Stadthaus am Mügelsberg


English Website

We are in the process of translating our website to English to connect with a wider audience.



Final result for the design competition of a replacement construction for the Allenfeld primary school tract 1 in Merchweiler

Primary School in Allenfeld

2018 Construction Prize

FLOSUNDK has won the 2018 Construction Prize from the Saarland Chamber of Architects for the third time, since winning in 2010 for Ergosign 1 and in 2014 for the Melli Beese Straße row houses.


2nd Place

Unbuilt Design Competition - Kandel Primary School Expansion

Kandel Primary School Extension

4th Place

Keltenpark National Park Gateway Competition Project

Gateway to the Keltenpark National Park

Christkönig Daycare on the EKD Institute Website

The Christkönig Daycare was included in a EKD Institute publication about contemporary church construction and church art.

See the article on Kirchbauinstitut.de

Competitionline recognizes FLOSUNDK as one of the best 22 architecture firms in Germany out of more than 30,000.

FLOSUNDK was named the 22 best architecture firm out of more than 30,000 German firms and as the 12 best urban planning firm in Germany by Competitionline.


Opening of the Ergosign Headquarters in the Eurobahnhof Quarter.

The new Ergosign Headquarters in the Eurobahnhof Quarter has been opened. FLOSUNDK Principal Mario Krämer was in attendance and spoke about the design of the building.


Christkönig Daycare by FLOSUNDK on the Home Page of Baunetz.de


FLOSUNDK in the Saarbrücker Zeitung

An article in the Saarbrücker Zeitung about the Mügelsberg Residence project.

See article on SZ

Publication on Baunetz


The repurposing of churches for secular use is no longer rare. According to the German Bishop's Conference since the beginning of the 20th century, 366 Catholic churches in Germany have been desecerated and reassigned uses. This trend has led to many competitions and exhibitions to accommodate these new uses.

See article on Baunetz

Association of German Architects (BDA) Architecture Prize 2017

FLOSUNDK was awarded the 2017 BDA Prize for Architecture and City Planning in Saarland for the design and construction of "Stadthaus am Mügelsberg" in Saarbrücken.


Day of Architecture 2018

FLOSUNDK is recognized in the 2018 Day of Architecture by the Christkönig Daycare

Kita Christkönig Saarlouis
Bahnhofsstraße 8
66740 Saarlouis

Tours: Saturday, June 23 und Sunday, June 24 11:00 until 12:00h or 14:00h until 15:00h


German-Architects Publication

Before FLOSUNDK architects could convert the Christkönig Church in Saarlouis to a daycare, the destruction of the entire building was discussed. Mario Krämer speaks to the preservation of the building and the unique transformation.

See article on German-architects

Groundbreaking in Saarlouis

At the beginning of the month, a groundbreaking for a new residential building in Saarlouis commenced. FLOSUNDK plans to build a single family house at the site.


Lecture at the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt

On April 26, 2018, as part of a lecture series at the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt, the work of FLOSUNDK will be presented. The lecture's theme is "Monsters and Icons".


Progress on the Ergosign 2 Offices



Franzenbrunnen Residence Completed




Expansion of the Steinrausch Primary School and Annexation to the nearby Day School


Industry Lecture: Vibrant Leightweight

A lecture event, organized by The Concrete and LECA Information Center, is taking place on the November 15th in Landau. The topic of the series is "Freedom in Form and Function".
FLOSUNDK will be speaking about the project "Stadthaus am Mügelsberg" and "how elegance, ease of use, energy efficiency, and ecology can be harmonized in a dynamically and diametrically".


Office Outing

EXCURSION - Colmar - Weil am Rhein - Basel - Ronchamp


Awards Ceremony



Main entrance platform to the water tower at the Völklinger Hütte, a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Industry Lecture at TU Darmstadt

On June 29, 2017 at TU Darmstadt a lecture from FLOSUNDK will be presented as part of a lecture series about young architects.

"The lecture series in the 2017 Summer Semester focuses on the high level of engagment by young German architects and their most formative designs. In addition to questions about personal approach to the design process, is the focus on one particular building..."

FLOSUNDK will concentrate on "Stadthaus am Mügelsberg" as its formative work.


Progress on the Christkönig Daycare in Saarlouis


Ideation for the Monastery Garden Residential Facility in Tholey

Located on the grounds of the former convent in Tholey, this two story building will provide a home to severely ill children and young people as a "short term residence with integrated hospice". It was important that the design exude comfort while integrating with the surrounding landscape. This latter goal was helped by the inclusion of a greenroof. The building should further merge with the adjacent monastery garden, which itself belongs to the Tholey Benedictine Abbey. At the center of the ground level is a community room with access to the terrace. Administration is located here, as is the care area, complete with sound room and the like. On the lower level, the are rooms for up to twelve young guests and two parent rooms. Two of these patient rooms share a handicapped accessible bathroom. In the middle of this lower level is the supply room and the nurses' quarters.

See article at SZ

Winner of the 2017 BDA Prize for Architecture and Urban Design

FLOSUNDK won the 2017 BDA Prize for Architecture and Urban Design for their project "Stadthaus am Mügelsberg".

The Association of German Architects Saarland (BDA Saar) awards the BDA Prize for Architecture and Urban Design Saarland to projects in the Saarland it deems to be exemplary. Architect and client are recognized together as they both bear responsiblity for the project being implemented outstandingly and in a high quality. The award aims to promote public interest and awareness of good design, encouraging personal commitment to the improvement of our build environment.

Client: Baugemeinschaft Boudier/Flor/Stahnke


Publication in the "Deutscher Architekturverlag"

Urbanity is the specific culture that describes the urban habitat of people. This urbanity has much to do with the manner a city is built, structured and connected. The environment in which residents stay and move plays one of the most important roles.

This issue shows projects with distinct sociospatial stuctures that do not create social distances between communities, promoting intercultural identity and connectedness instead. Life in the country is becoming for many people increasingly unattractive. For all ages and classes there are different reasons to move to the city.

Forward thinking architecture needs to take into account the attraction of urban living and transfer modern living into this situation. In this selection of designs, the issues of space reevaluation and densification have been addressed in a variety of ways.


New Office Building at the Eurobahnhof

Our new office building at the Eurobahnhof is complete and completes the urban development of the central train station's north side. It will contain, until at least 2017, the headquarters of an IT-Company.


Ground Breaking on Franzenbrunnen

In November, we broke ground on the Franzenbrunnen rowhouse project on Franz-Marc-Straße. FLOSUNDK has envisioned the project as an assembly of 10 single family houses and an external townhouse.


Special Focus: Flosundk among the top architectural firms in Germany

FLOSUNDK architektur+urbanistik was recognized by the publication FOCUS as one of the top architecture firms 2017 in the field of single-family and multi-family houses.


Residence and Office Building Mügelsberg in Liapor Magazine

Read the Article

New Interior Perspective of the Christkönig Daycare in Saarlouis

A wooden nursery has been planned on the interior of the landmarked concrete church. The nursery is a part of the planned Christkönig daycare in Saarlouis Roden. To preserve the overall exterior condition of the church, there will be a large play area on the top of the wooden nursery which may still be used in bad weather.


Beginning the Wood Construction on Christkönig Church



New Photos of Melli-Beese-Strasse


New Office and Residence on Mügelsberg

Photo: Sven Paustian


Groundbreaking on Residential Untergasse Project - Homburg

With the groundbreaking on Untergasse, FLOSUNDK begins the construction of a residential building in the middle of downtown Homburg. Fourteen high-quality, equitable residences for seniors are planned for the 1300 square meter site. As per the design, there will be a garage under the ground floor, two upper floors and a set back roof top level. The area will be planted to give the site a park-like feel and the project is the start of a greater development along Untergasse.


Interview with Jens Stahnke about Regional Building in News Report


Progress on the Christkönig Daycare in Saarlouis

Near the Saarlouis Bahnhof is a landmarked concrete church from the 1960s. The building is home to one of the largest church daycares in Saarland.


Competition in Berlin for a 20th Century Museum and its Surroundings

Two sides - and the museum as dialogue and urban gesture for Berlin.
Between "Staging of the Icons" - the new National Gallery and the Philharmonic - and the "Inner Conflict of Art in the 20th Century" is the building and its exterior become their own exhibit.


Friedrichsthal Clubhouse Redesign

The demolition of the 35 meter tall clocktower, signals the opportunity for the redesign of the Sankt Michael parish in Friedrichsthal.


Competition for a new Pharmacy Laboratory Building


Work has begun on the Bahnhofstrasse in Bexbach as planned.


Office visit by Kids from Thomas Morus Kita

Children from the Thomas Morus KITA were hosted at FLOSUNDK for a morning to learn about the workplace and to play. They made their own models with pen, scissors and paper and were through these activities exposed to the field of architecture.


Franzenbrunnen Receives Go-Ahead


Wettbewerbsbeitrag Hörsaal- Seminar- Und Bibliotheksgebäude Uniklinikum Homburg


Work has begun on Mügelsberg

On Echelmeyer Park in Saarbrücken, directly neighboring the St. Michael monument by Hans Herkommer and the Mügelsberg school by Peter Paul Seeberger work has begun on a new residential and office building. The five story building will be of a monolithic lightweight concrete construction.


Day of Architecture 2015

The project "Old Swimming Pool Residence" by FLOSUNDK was a project chosen to be presented at this year's Day of Architecture. All interested visitors are cordially invited to visit the building. Tours are on Sunday, June 28 at 2 and 3 PM.


Planning is progressing on Franzenbrunnen

Eleven houses have been completed by FLOSUNDK at Franzenbrunnen up to now.

Our building cooperative is complete with ten parties and an external rowhouse is being planned.

The Franzenbrunnen building cooperative should be similar to the project Bellevue 2.0: uniform on the exterior and unique on the interior. Offset rooftop terraces offer views to the green and ensure necessary privacy. A uniform brick facade reflects the unity of the group but the nuanced color alterations on the facade read the individuality of the interiors.


Die Stadt als Wirt


Redesign on Mozartstraße Complete

The renovation and redesign of the residence on Mozartstraße has concluded. The building, which was previously a restaurant, was transformed into two open, flexible ground level residences with courtyards and small balconies. .


Hochschule Mainz - Presentation by Flosundk

FLOSUNDK is honored to be invited to the Hoshschule Mainz on December 16, 2014 to present our work and projects.


Rabbi Rülf Square Inaugurated

Rabbi Rülf Square, located in the heart of the state capital Saarbrücken, has been completed and inaugurated in a solemn ceremony. The public space is dedicated to the memory of the Jewish people of the Saarland that were murdered during the Nazi Era.


FSB Deutschlandreise - Work Report in Berlin

Twice per year, FSB Architects invites various architects from around Germany to an Open House, to share the architectural and culinary specialties from other states. The sixth station on this trip is the Saarland. FLOSUNDK is excited to represent Saarland at this event, the "FSB Deutschlandreise", on November 24, 2014.


2014 Construction Prize

A jury created by AKS and chaired by Jos Dell, president of the Luxembourgish Order (OAI), has awarded eleven 2014 Construction Prizs to projects which were among 57 nominated. FLOSUNDK is included in this year's award recipients with the project Stadthäuser Melli Beese Straße. The awards ceremony will occur on October 1, 2014 in the big studio of the Saarländisch Rundfunk building.


Tag der Architektur 2014


Fertigstellung Fassadensanierung Amtsgericht Saarbrücken


Wettbewerbsbeiträge 2013 - Deutschland

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