Erweiterung der Haupt- und Realschule Twistringen

Erweiterung der Haupt- und Realschule Twistringen



3rd place

Main Idea

The compact form of the building with the single-storey cafeteria takes up a minimal footprint on the grounds of the Haupt- and Realschule in Twistringen. The resulting natural habitat underlines the educational idea of ​​growing herbs, vegetables and fruits.

The use of natural and low-emission materials contributes to the creation of attractive bright rooms and shows appreciation to the students. This should encourage the children to react with appreciation towards the building but above all to the school as a whole.

Urban design concept

Consideration is given to existing structures. The new building will be placed on an existing path axis in close proximity to the main building. The placement allows the erection of the new building before the 16er tract is demolished. Clear zones are formulated outdoors: schoolyard, sports facilities and garden. The entrance to the schoolyard between old and new building with connecting roof and placement of the kiosk allow short distances, clear orientation and good overview for the supervisor.

Architectural concept

The perforated façade with clinker as a locally very durable and sturdy material, which low maintenance and repair costs are made possible. The windows and enclosures / opening elements are made of anodized aluminum. The central staircase as a connection between the two floors creates a good orientation and short distances. On the upper floor, all the areas are assigned to the two clusters, and the corridors also receive a quality of stay and serve as an extended cluster area. The escape staircase in the outer niche is weatherproof and enables safe rescue in case of fire.

Due to the arrangement of the cluster areas on the upper floor, the subject-teaching rooms on the ground floor can also be used by other pupils of the school without disrupting the teaching process.