Dillinger Hütte Guest House Terrace

Dillinger Hütte Guest House Terrace

Client: Dillinger Hütte gts

Time Frame: 2008-2009

Scope/Phases: LPH 1-9

Program: Custom construction / terrace

The guest house of the 1960s Dillinger Hütte lies on a exposed area orientated to the south west between the edge of the City of Dillingen and the neighboring forest. The striking building will be extended with a terrace to give the guests a new space in a new perspective and to widen the client base. The terrace is custom to the building. Projecting elements of the existing building are reused and introduced into the construction of the terrace as supports. The material was selected not only as a reference to the Dillinger Hütte, but also for its durability and elegance of the steel.