Construction of a daycare and student residence

Construction of a daycare and student residence

Concept public space

Langemarckplatz is a central link in the implementation of the „Axis of Science“ and is of particular importance for urban development. Due to its central urban position and the multitude of public functions, it is an important component in the public life of the city. The beautiful tree population is formative and worth preserving. It serves as a starting point for the design. A grid, which takes up and continues the position of the trees, structures the new square. Circular elements in the floor, which are aligned with this grid, allow traffic flows, whether pedestrians or cyclists from all directions. Communication and encounters are thus consciously encouraged and provoked.

Concept daycare and student residence

urban positioning

The positioning of the new dormitory and daycare building in the south-western part of the site gives Langemarckplatz a defined edge in interaction with the cafeteria building. Furthermore, in the area of Hofmannstraße, the inclusion of the 5-storey building will emphasise the edge of the urban space in interaction with the existing building of the Association for Student Affairs.

Outdoor areas

The new building will be clearly zoned in the area of access and outdoor areas. The entrance to the dormitory is accessed via Langemarckplatz. Access to the daycare is via the quiet outdoor area to the neighbouring building of the Association for Student Affairs. The outdoor areas are also clearly separated from each other. The required 360 m. of the nursery will be completely arranged in the southern area of the new building. The continuous latch of the daycare area creates a sunny and protected outdoor area that is suitable for children.