Christkönig Daycare

Christkönig Daycare

Client: Saarlouis Parish Community

Area: gross floor space 1.1489 sqm

Construction Cost: gross 2.200.000€

Phases: LPH 1-9

Program: Education/Renovation

Photos: Sven Paustian


1st Place in the Christkönig Saarlouis-Roden Daycare Design Competition

Saarland Chamber of Architects 2018 Construction Prize


The design draws inspiration from the existing, historically recognized building by the architect Günther Kleinjohann. From the outlook of the station square, the distinctive church and its accompanying building assemblage of parsonage, belltower, and wall features remain unchanged. On the lower plane, west of the church, a new, linearly structured building is positioned. The height of the buildings are based on the church's plinth. The subtle transition from old to new is reinforced by a recessed access route.

A wooden box made of unfinished pine is set into the church's interior. This soft material choice is made in direct opposition to the hard materiality of the church's exterior. Within the the church a house within a shell solution is found. In the box inside the church is a play area, which supplements the playground located to the west, where children play every day and may be used for larger events at the Kita

The new building parts are distinguishable by their independent material. The texture of the existing concrete walls is mimicked through the use of pre-grayed larch on the new facade. The contrast between the two is thus further defined.