Ergosign II

Ergosign II

Client: Ergosign GmbH

Area: 2204 sqm

Construction Cost: 3.490.595 €

Time Frame: 2016 to 2018

Scope/phases: structural LPH 1-5, artistic management, interior design / furnishing LPH 1-8


The central idea behind the design is to group all of the workspaces around the FORUM, a large central room. Staff from assorted job professions are easily able to work together due to the lack of typical workstations. In the center of the Forum is an open kitchen, which is used as a common space for eating and cooking. The creative work may be done as if in passing.

The building's modularity ensures a high degree of flexibility. In the office areas, various job requirements call for different office types so smaller office units for 2 employees are provided, in addition to group offices for 4-8 employees. The restrooms are attached to the staircases located around the outer zones of the building. The building's adaptability and longevity in a rapidly changing work world is guartanteed by this method of zoning.

A solid construction, the building's facade is composed of angular aluminum panels. The building fulfills the standards for the "Effizienzhaus 55" and is supplied with district heating. The heating and cooling are activated through a thermal component in the floor while thermal recovery controls ventilation in the building. Hidden in the building facade are external venetian blinds used to control insulation in the summer.